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Can The Bersatu accomplishing Their Manifesto If the Opposition Form Government After Election 14?

1. Class leaders bandits will not be able to produce the best manifesto as Tun Mahathir did this. Even the bandits only thinking of how to sell state assets to loans made by it can be paid.

2. Obviously if the debt can not be paid out of pocket money was taken. This is the manifesto of PPBM Party if the alliance wins as a symbol of hope under the Barisan Rakyat.

  • The GST will be removed gradually and replaced with sales tax (sales tax) according to the tastes of the people. 104. The value of the currency will be protected without the sale of US dollars in reserves (reserve) countries. 1
  • Will we create a more efficient way to recovery value of the currency so as not to suppress the people, especially those who have children studying abroad. 
  • We will be going all-out questionnaire 1MDB monies were diverted. New debt for wasteful project we identified and we will review the terms of our ability to owe. We will pursue all of 1MDB's money and that the Government has dissipated, which we know is in the hands of certain people. 
  • Interpretation of FDI, Foreign Direct Investment (foreign direct pelaburang) will be returned to investment in industries producing goods for domestic and export markets. 
  • The purchase of the land mass of the foreigners with the aim of putting people will be examined in terms of their impact on the political future of the country. 
  • The abuse of power by a Government department or agency will be investigated and the aggrieved party will be restored to the fair. 
  • Poverty in the country will be reduced through the creation of employment opportunities and skills training; through the recovery of the Ringgit and the reduction of the cost of living. 
  • The poverty because of one reason or another will be assisted with enough money for life were considered in line with a country that cares. 
  • Generally Malaysia will hold a policy free from any ties with the blocs in the world. 
  • Emphasis will be given to any injustice committed by any party in the world. Any seizure of territory by any party will be opposed by Malaysia. 
  • Trust in the government that will replace the BN under Najib have sufficient expertise in the field of administrative, political, economic, and financial well-being of the community to implement the national recovery program in the things listed above. The government will respect the administrative system of the country by splitting power between the legislature (making laws and policies), executive (executive decision-making laws and policies the government) and the judiciary. 
  • The Government (Prime Minister chosen by the legislature) can not control the executive or the judiciary. 
  • The Prime Minister also must be approved by Cabinet before being submitted to Parliament for the policies approved by the majority of the members of the Board, 
  • The depreciation of the Ringgit will be recovered through administrative and financial management of the country responsibly (prudent) in accordance with the rules and regulations. All expenses will be carefully planned Government budget through legal submitted to Parliament. 
  • The National Audit Office shall be exempt from the Prime Minister and the report submitted to Parliament, Government and the public. The audit report does not need to be submitted to the Attorney General. Audit reports will not be placed under the OSA. 
  • Participation of over a hundred thousand people in Bersih demonstration clearly showed how they think the present Government is dirty, unprincipled, not clean. 
  • The Government wants clean. We, the Indigenous People's Party Bersatu Malaysia also agree with the perceptions of many NGOs and people, and many of us have already joined the protest Net. 
  • Our party together with the opposition parties to be the body of the coalition government will try to establish a clean, especially in the management of elections in our beloved country. All the necessary reforms will take place. 
  • We will determine monetary bribes or other items will not be given to voters at any stage to get support in the elections. 
  • If found BR1M important then the money will be distributed by government officials. BR1M not be included in any manifesto of any party. 
  • If approved by the people BR1M aid will be determined by statutory law and common budget. The Prime Minister can not define this administration or the amount, or the manner of service. 
  • Indeed, the poor and the needy will be given assistance so that they can live perfectly. The question of whether or not they support the opposition coalition will not be included in the assistance to be given. 
  • We vowed to hold fast by the trust to save the country, and hold on to the country's constitution to safeguard the rights and position of the Malays and other indigenous people without depriving other races.

3. Any manifesto propagated by any party is pleasant to hear and read. It is like a promise that has not been identified. 

4. However Tamingsari actually still skeptical Bersatu party cooperation with Pakatan Harapan especially the DAP between the dominant party in it. 


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